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Social Good

Cotopaxi has a mission of fighting global poverty, In our research, we discovered that 700 million people live off of $1.90 a day. We created a three-part campaign featuring a CEO pay cut, a clothing line starting at $1.90, and a push for other CEOs to get involved all to raise funds to help Cotopaxi with their mission.

The One 9inety Project aims to THREAD SOME GOOD

Announcement Video

One 9inety PR & Social


Billionaire Call Out and Stunt

In order to get the attention of the Billionaires and CEOs, we want to disrupt them on their own turf. A Facebook game where Zuckerberg only gets $1.90 to shop. T-Shirts sold on Amazon asking if Jeff Bezos has ended world hunger. And an app available on the Apple Store for purchase of $1.90. 


Made with: Monica Roebuck

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