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Neiman Marcus

Store Innovation • Digital OOH 

Neiman Marcus is becoming irrelevant. In order for them to survive, they need to evolve.

In order to reach a younger demographic, we're redefining the in-store experience by letting everyday consumers become models by tapping into the self-indulgent nature of social media.

Vanity Mirror

The Vanity Mirror is a boomerang photo booth powered by Memomi that will be installed throughout certain departments. 

Shoppers become models when their uploaded boomerangs are displayed back throughout the stores from the sections they belong to.  

Dressing Rooms

You don't need to be an influencer to feel like one. Neimans will also update the dressing room experience to be more accessible for the everyday "influencer". 

Each dressing room will have a cubby for your phone to act as a tripod as well as a built-in ring light for optimal lighting.

The dressing rooms will also have an LED screen opposite each mirror to give anyone the illusion of being wherever they want to be. 

Digital OOH