Neiman Marcus

Digital OOH • Store Innovation 

Vanity isn't a dirty word. When you come to Neiman’s, we want you to have all the tools necessary to indulge yourself to the fullest. Not just to “look good and feel good”--we want you to look and feel unstoppable. We want you to revel in yourself. We want you to strut. We want you to SHOW UP, AND SHOW OFF.

Digital OOH

Pr Announcement

Dressing Rooms

You don't need to be an influencer to feel like one. In an effort to make brick-and-mortar stores more accessible to the spectrum of "influencers", Neimans will update the dressing rooms to be more social media friendly. 

Each dressing room will have a cubby for your phone to act as a tripod and a built-in ring light for optimal lighting.

The dressing rooms will also have an LED screen opposite each mirror to give anyone the allusion of being wherever they want to be. 

In-store Influencer Event

In-store boomerangs

In the hallways of the dressing room and certain sections, there will be boomerang cameras. Anyone can take a boomerang, upload it to their social media, and the store will filter the appropriate ones and display them back throughout the store.