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One Club - Young Ones Brief

Outdoor • Innovation • Microapp 

The Ask: Attract, inspire, and enable the next generation

of outdoor enthusiasts, more specifically female outdoor enthusiasts.

The Insight: All too often, women are faced with challenges and obstacles based solely on their gender. They're seen as women first when they should be seen as people first.

OOH Flat

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The Captains

In an effort to encourage explorers and thrill-seekers of all skill levels, the North Face will offer classes and expeditions that just so happen to be led by women. 

When you visit the women's homepage you'll be given the option to learn more about The Captains or continue shopping. 

You'll be able to find and book classes based on location, activity, or expedition. 


Google Chrome Extension 

There’s an unfortunate trend where, more often than not, if a woman or a person of color achieves something great, their gender or race is the main point of focus in the headline rather than, say, their name. 

With this browser extension for Google Chrome or Safari, these article headlines will be automatically altered to remove this pandering language, and instead highlight the individual and their accomplishment. 

Chrome Logo.png


Made with: Evan Shisler

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