The one Club

Social Campaign • Microsite • Industry Initiative 

The One Club asked a group of us to create a social media campaign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Where Are All the Black People” conference. The intention was to promote the new logo identity and the return of the "W" after a few years of being known as the "Here Are All the Black People" conference.


But we saw an opportunity to create a campaign that would not only promote the event and new logo but could lead to lasting change in our industry. We wanted to see what agencies were made of. We wanted to see their NUTRITION FACTS.

Manifesto Video

Nutrition Facts


Social Posts that ran live

Instagram Filters

Conference Booklet

Made with:


Dinma Onyekwere & Angel Song, Brand Managers
Nana Dadzie, Alexandra Daniel, & Sheila Villalobos, Strategists
Will Curtis & Malcolm Richardson, Copywriters 
Danielle Loleng & Marshal Turner, XDs